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High-level Interviews with Industry Leaders & Founders

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The Number One Hospitality Podcast!

All About
Wil & Slick Talk!


This is the podcast for anyone and everyone in the Hospitality industry that loves what they do and wants to grow, learn, and experience all the cool things the world of hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, and travel offers!


On the show, Wil Slickers interviews some of the biggest Founders and Professionals within all segments of hospitality.


Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast is part of Hospitality.FM - the hospitality industry's only podcast network dedicated to the professionals in the industry.

Wil got his journey started by working the front desk at a Marriott Hotel in Spokane, WA. From there, his passion for the industry was forever seeded and in 2018 he started his podcast, Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast. Taking it from a fun side-hustle to now a full-time podcast network, Wil has continued to focus on relationships and amplifying voices through the powerful medium of podcasting.

Our goal is to bring unfiltered and thought provoking conversations to the hospitality industry that have a greater impact beyond the conversation itself.


This show is for anyone and everyone within hospitality and we aim to make these episodes more than just one sector of hospitality by having deeper conversations of entrepreneurship, business, and personal development 

More Than The Host!

The Team

Kelsey Tran

Kelsey is the podcast producer for Slick Talk & other Hospitality.FM Podcasts

Wil Slickers

You already read about this guy but here he is again incase you forgot

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