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Destinationaire Award 2021 - Sponsor Proposal.png

About The Awards!

With great pleasure I get to introduce The Destinationaire Awards! This award is to show a high standard of commitment to the guest experience, team culture, the foundation of a strong community, and proper representation of Hospitality as a whole! 

This award features those who are truly wired to create remarkable experiences.

Destinationaires in the hotel, short-term rental, and restaurant industry deserve to have their moment to show off their excellence to their guests, teams, and all they come in contact with! 

To learn more about the awards history, hit the button below!

Our Winners Said

We were honored to be one of the recipients of the inaugural Destinationaire Awards in 2020. The awards seek to recognize those hospitality professionals in the short-term rental and hotel industry who put the guests front and centre in everything that they do. The awards are a high benchmark to aim for and are an excellent way to learn from others who are innovating in our sector. To be awarded is a superb recognition of achievement  - a badge of honor. I encourage all my hospitality peers to look closely at what they are doing above and beyond the routine and enter this year.

—  Bob Garner, Casal Dei Fichi

Award Partners


—  Name, Title

Destinationaire Award 2021 - Sponsor Proposal.png

Nominate Today!

We will announce new Destinationairs every quarter! This will build up over time and we can't wait until this becomes an in-person industry event!

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