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"A Re-Skill Revolution"

For some reason when I hear the word "revolution" I get filled with energy and my mind starts to pop off ideas and thoughts of excitement!

First thing this morning, December 21st 2020, I had that burst of energy when I listened to our Good Morning Hospitality show as our guest, Jeroen from Hotel.School, said those words.

"I think we are heading towards a re-skilling revolution where people know they need to continuously reinvent themselves and to learn on the go while having immediate access to learning solutions." - Jeroen Creven, Hotel.School


Earlier this month, I published a press release from my friends at AJL Atelier (formerly known as AJL Consulting) as they announced the launch of their Vacation Rental Management Program on the Hotel.School website and platform.

I am a big supporter of this because as we have seen in the last year (a wild one at that) that vacation rentals and this segment of hospitality has little to know educational courses for its professional operators. Yeah, there are masterminds, private circles or groups that help any of their members find the tools and resources they need in order to overcome the learning curve but nothing like this has been done to this particular level.

Don't get me wrong... masterminds, private groups and other things under those umbrellas are great ways of building community and a type of coaching and mentoring that is vital to our growth but I am glad Hotel.School has come along to be the bridge for others in the hospitality world (hotels specifically) to understand the great depths vacation rentals has to offer.


Like I said, this morning, it was amazing to listen (since I am recovering from a cold... not covid) and hear the depth and insight that was brought to the show. Here is a little sneak peak for anyone who wants a glimpse into our Monday morning show, Good Morning Hospitality!


We also announced that the first 50 people to redeem the code GMH2020

will get their course for free! So, while you're listening to the episode, go sign up and join the "Re-Skill Revolution" today!