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Becoming A Destinationaire

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

What is a "Destinationaire"?

Destinationaire: A Person Who Is Wired to Create Remarkable Experiences That Are Shared & Anticipated.

I came up with the word "Destinationaire" after having a conversation with Ryan Snyder, a hotelier that I admire and look up to, said the definition to me.

I've always believed in the guest and team experience being something that should be unforgettable. In our industry, we talk about this on a daily basis (or at least we should be). So in this blog, I want to share with you what I think it takes to become or be a "Destinationaire".

What Does A Destinationaire Do?

A true Destinationaire does 3 things: Create, Finds a Gap, and Understands.

Create. A Destinationaire creates remarkable experiences. In order to create, we need to have vision, passion, and drive. I once said in an interview that creating a destination is not easy work. Not only do you need to have these qualities but you need to be able to execute these visions and ideas. A Destinationaire is not selfish but selfless and creates to serve others through these unique experiences and moments.

Finds a Gap. CJ Stam, Managing Partner of Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals is a great example of this. He saw a gap in occupancy in Blue Ridge, GA and created the BBQ Blues Festival and now it's one of the busiest weekends out of the whole year. A Destinationaire is an innovator that embodies the deepest essence of hospitality by drawing people to them through unique experiences and the power of human to human connection.

Understands. They understand that it's not about the location. As a kid, I always thought a destination was somewhere like Fiji or the Bahamas. Yes, these places are a type of destination, but a true Destinationaire understands that they can make any location, a destination. Understanding that non-destination locations require amazing story telling. You are now taking nothing and making it something. This requires a strong skill of communication and the ability to get that across to anybody and everybody.

We become a Destinationaire by "Exceeding Expectations & Creating Destinations." This is a term that has been commonly said among my business partners and I, as we tell our clients, what we can do for them. I truly believe that the moment we embody this mindset and way of thinking, the opportunities being able to truly standout compared to competition and offer extraordinary hospitality will become endless in every moment, decision, and experience.


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