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Do You Have Your Chair?

A man that needs no introduction to the show, Jeremy Gall has joined me to talk about trends from the year and not only that but the rise of quality control when it comes to property standards, maintenance, and upkeep as it will be something that leads us into 2021 and the forever rise of professionalism in the short term rental industry. Mentioned in this episode: Sponsored by Hostfully Breezeway Website Slick Talk Website & Socials


It's one thing to have a seat at the table but it's completely another thing to always be dragging your chair around with you to put at the table when the time comes. Do you have your chair? You should because you don't want to miss this episode as Dana Lubner, Head of Advocacy at Rent Responsibly, sits down to talk with me about the importance of advocacy in the short term rental industry and what it looks like to be actively living it out! Thank you Hostfully for Sponsoring the podcast and making all of this come to life! Mentioned in this episode: Rent Responsibly NoiseAware Return on Rentals Virtual Event Effortless Rentals Group How To Save Your Vacation Rental Business Podcast


Episode #8 of the Good Morning Hospitality Show has officially streamed! Check out the latest "Bidruption Report" by Michael Ros from and of course, "Whats With All The Noise!?" by Michael Goldin from NoiseAware! This morning we covered Airbnb's IPO and the Future of a Sharing Economy! We go live every Monday morning at 7am PST time on all platforms, for example, Facebook, YouTube, and our website directly! My Co-Hosts and I would love it if you subscribed to our channel on YouTube and whatever podcast platform there is! I included all the links below and the picture is linked to episode #8 Good Morning Hospitality


Just In Case You Missed It! (Last Week)

Last week I chatted with Patricia from Hotel.School! We talk about the importance of brain-based micro learning and hospitality re-skills & up-skills! Make sure to listen because there is also something going on for both of my hotel and vacation rental audience! Patricia has an extensive background in hospitality and brings her amazing experience and management skills to light when we discussed the creation and overall impact Hotel.School has had during the times of national lockdowns and stay at home. Mentioned in this episode: Hotel.School Website