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Finishing Even Stronger

Here is another update from the Slick Talk Newsletter! If you haven't subscribed already, what are you waiting for?


Hey there, Slick Talkers! Coming out this week is some amazing content on the podcast! This Tuesday and Thursday, I am launching a two part series with my friends at Oracle Hospitality! They recently did a research study in partnership with Skift and put together their Data Driven Recovery Report. Tanya Pratt from Oracle and I chat about their findings and how it will play into the hotel recovery during these crucial years to come! Now check out what else is new in the Slick Talk Universe!


Episode #5 of the Good Morning Hospitality Show has officially streamed! In this episode we covered the newest news in the recovery of travel and the continued conversation of business automation and contactless tech implemented in hotels & vacation rentals. We go live every Monday morning at 7am PST time on all platforms, for example, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and our website directly! My Co-Hosts and I would love it if you subscribed to our channel on YouTube and whatever podcast platform there is! I included all the links below and the picture is linked to episode #5 (Good Morning Hospitality)


If you missed one of the many episodes to come out this last week then just know I got your back and you can give them a listen right now ;)

Last week we featured three of the amazing Destinationaire Award winners! The three episodes hit high numbers of listens and feedback on the amazing things these three are doing for our industry! Check them out and share with your hospitality friends! (Listen Now!)


Coming Up!

To wrap things up, there are tons of episodes, content, and announcements coming to all of you soon and I am getting excited just thinking about all of it! I always like to make it known that any of my listeners/followers can reach out to me directly! I have a calendy link here for anyone wanting to chat more one on one! Things to look out for: - Oracle Hospitality Two Part Series (Tuesday & Thursday) - Hospitality Game Changers Group - Destinationaire Award & Club Info Coming Soon!


Back in October I had the pleasure to get with my friends at NoiseAware and join their first Return On Rentals Virtual Event! They brought in companies like VRBO, Vector Travel, BookingPal and many others who are driving the Short Term Rental segment of hospitality and let me tell you... it was a thrilling two days! Don't just take it from me but check out