How To Become A Game Changer

Staring down the barrel of a 60% permanent closure rate...It's time to fix what's broken.

It’s time to change the game.

The hospitality industry is at a pivotal point and it has become painfully obvious that business acumen and strategic planning will matter just as much as resilience.

There's no shortage of resources ranging from how to apply for loans to how to negotiate with your landlord. At some point, we will turn our sights towards the future and, when that time comes, we’ll need the tools and strategies to thrive, not just survive.  

In the hospitality industry, we fix our own problems. This is no different. 

We’ve created a group called The Hospitality Game Changers

It’s on Facebook, a platform you already use daily. It’s a space just for us where we’re tackling the most difficult issues facing our industry and creating solutions. 

It’s updated daily with the most compelling audio, written and video content to make sure you’re plugged in to what’s going on today and what can help us tomorrow. 

It’s quick, easy and free to join. Just click here or login to Facebook and search Hospitality Game Changers in the search bar. Click join and you’re all set. 

We can’t change the cards that we are dealt, but we can change how we play the game. 

We'll see you there,

Josh, Michael, Wil, Shaun and Adam

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