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Starting Out Strong

I had the brilliant idea to start posting my newsletter here on the blog! I want all of you to be able to have access to the content coming out through the Slick Talk pipeline! Here is last weeks and if you want to get this directly to your inbox, hit the subscribe box!


Hey there, Slick Talkers! I got a lot of stuff coming your way! As many of you know, I created the Destinationaire Award earlier this year and with a great success, the request for it to come back in 2021 has been positively overwhelming! I am happy to announce that yes, it is in full development with TONS of changes and advancements, so get ready for more to come!  With all that is happening around the world, I want to share my gratitude with you all. This hasn't been an easy time for almost everyone and I just want to say thank you for being connected and letting me be a source for many of you in the industry. I am truly grateful for being able to do this full time!  Now check out what else is new in the Slick Talk Universe!


Episode #4 of the Good Morning Hospitality Show has officially streamed! This episode we covered the newest news in the recovery of travel and even though we still have a long road, the light at the end of the tunnel is closer than ever as we continue to progress. We go live every Monday morning at 7am PST time on all platforms, for example, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and our website directly! My Co-Hosts and I would love it if you subscribed to our channel on YouTube and whatever podcast platform there is! I included all the links below and the picture is linked to episode #4 (Good Morning Hospitality)


If you missed one of the many episodes to come out this last week then, you're welcome and go give it a listen! Today and this week is a special week as its the launch of the Destinationaire Series! Today, Wednesday, and Friday we will have featured three of the Destinationaire Award winners and what makes them truly unique and special in their own ways and how they are doing all they can to impact the industry and their local communities! Today we featured Bob Garner with Casal dei Fichi, Click here to listen! Wednesday we will feature Jessica Hinton with Barefoot Vacation Rentals following with Robin Craigen with Moving Mountains on Friday!

Listen Now!


Coming Up!

To wrap things up, there are tons of episodes, content, and announcements coming to all of you soon and I am getting excited just thinking about all of it! I always like to make it known that any of my listeners/followers can reach out to me directly! I have a calendy link here for anyone wanting to chat more one on one!


Things to look out for: - Hospitality Game Changers Group - Six more podcast episodes this month - Replays from the ROR Virtual Event hosted by NoiseAware - HOST Conference Replay - Destinationaire Award & Club Info Coming Soon!