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STR: Forecasting Into 2021

This blog is featuring the episode (audio included in this blog) Hannah Smith, a Senior Consultant, at STR!

This episode was loads of fun and brought a good amount of value to understanding the market a little better from a data point of view!

In collaboration of this episode, Hannah made a PDF Data Deck for all of the listeners to use and follow along with the episode!

Slick Talk STR
Download PDF • 616KB

One thing we did want to cover and clear up for those reviewing the Data Deck, when Hannah was discussing the Joshua Tree visitation, the numbers (30,000 & 50,000), she was actually referencing there were overnight stays, not visitation. Still record breaking, no matter what data points you’re looking at!

I hope you Slick Talkers enjoy this episode and the great insights Hannah and her team bring to the industry!

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