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What A Year!

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This week is some amazing content on the podcast! Today we launch the episode featuring Heather Richer from ASTRHO! Heather Richer & myself talk about the creation and purpose of ASTRHO (Association For Short Term Rental Homeowners) and the important role this platform and community provides to this segment of hospitality and why it's important for homeowners, as a stakeholder in the industry, to have these tools, resources, courses, and the community. There is so much to cover in this episode, so I highly recommend that if you're a short term rental homeowner, that you sign up and join the platform. If you're a property manager, get your owners connected so they can be more involved and understand the roles they play in the short term rental industry. Click Here To Sign Up Now check out what else is new in the Slick Talk Universe!

Listen To ASTRHO Episode Here!


Episode #6 of the Good Morning Hospitality Show has officially streamed! In this episode we show off our amped up version of the morning show with incredible new visuals and show segments! Check out the new "Bidruption Report" by Michael Ros from and of course, "Whats With All The Noise!?" by Michael Goldin from NoiseAware! We go live every Monday morning at 7am PST time on all platforms, for example, Facebook, YouTube, and our website directly! My Co-Hosts and I would love it if you subscribed to our channel on YouTube and whatever podcast platform there is! I included all the links below and the picture is linked to episode #6

Good Morning Hospitality


Last Week:

Only two episodes went live on the Slick Talk platform and those two episodes were featuring Tanya Pratt from Oracle Hospitality as we dove into their Data Driven Recovery Report in partnership with Skift! I am linking the episodes and the report so go check them out!

Listen Now!


Coming Up!

To wrap things up, there are tons of episodes, content, and announcements coming to all of you soon and I am getting excited just thinking about all of it! I always like to make it known that any of my listeners/followers can reach out to me directly! I have a calendy link here for anyone wanting to chat more one on one! Things to look out for: - STR & I did an episode covering their Q3 Forecast for hotels & the episode will be out on the 2nd of December! - More Partnerships are forming on the show & I can't wait for you all to get to meet my industry friends & network! (See the sneak peek with Hostfully at the top?) - Hospitality Game Changers Group Goes LIVE! - Destinationaire Award & Club Info Coming Soon! The venue for 2021 has been... BOOKED!


October 15th was a big day for 5 of us hospitality podcasters & Game Changers! As you see above, Michael Tingsager from Hospitality Mavericks Podcast</