Making Impact!


Entrepreneurs & Experts coming together to share ideas!


Running a business and getting an idea to take off isn't easy. 

Giving Back!

This show is all about giving back and making an impact!

Our Purpose!

The Big Giveback was inspired by hospitality and travel experts who have loved being entrepreneurs and know the challenges of being entrepreneurs! Giving back to the industry they love, it's about time the struggling startups, disruptors, and the "hospopreneurs" seize the opportunity to continue to move forward in their adventures to go and make an impact on the industry!

The Big Giveback will be live sessions on Clubhouse 👋 with hospitality and travel experts giving advice, feedback, and resources! 

Meet The Experts

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Margot Schmorak

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CEO, Hospitality Software,



Wil Slickers

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Host, Producer, Property Manager, Entrepreneur 


Julie George

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Million Dollar Host, Business Coach, and Entrepreneur 

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Andrew Kitchell

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Tech Founder, Serial Entrepreneur 

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